Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="xf" uri="http://xulfaces.sourceforge.net/xulfaces/jsf/xul" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:xf="http://xulfaces.sourceforge.net/xulfaces/jsf/xul" />

Tag library for xulfaces

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Namexf

Tag Summary
boxDefines a box (see XUL box element).
vboxDefines a vbox (see XUL vbox element).
hboxDefines a vbox (see XUL vbox element).
groupboxDefines a groupbox (see XUL groupbox element).
bridgeDefines a bridge between xul and JSF.
buttonDefines a button (see XUL button element).
commandDefines a command (see XUL command element).
commandsetDefines a commandset (see XUL commandset element).
iframeDefines a frame (see XUL frame element).
imageDefines a image (see XUL image element).
scriptDefines a splitter (see XUL splitter element).
separatorDefines a separator (see XUL separator element).
spacerDefines a spacer (see XUL spacer element).
splitterDefines a splitter (see XUL splitter element).
gridDefines a grid (see XUL grid element).
columnDefines a column (see XUL column element).
radiogroupDefines a XUL radiogroup element.
textboxDefines a textbox (see XUL textbox element).
checkboxDefines a checkbox (see XUL checkbox element).
menulistDefines a menulist (see XUL menulist element).
selectOneListboxDefines a XUL listbox element with single selection.
selectManyListboxDefines a XUL listbox element with multi selection.
dataListboxDefines a list of items (see XUL listbox element).
listcolDefines a list of items (see XUL listbox element).
listcolsDefines a listcols (see XUL listcols element).
listitemDefines a list item (see XUL listitem element).
listcellDefines a list cell (see XUL listcell element).
listheadDefines a list head (see XUL listhead element).
listheaderDefines a list header (see XUL listheader element).
menubarDefines a menubar (see XUL menubar element).
menuseparatorDefines a menuseparator (see XUL menuseparator element).
menuDefines a menu (see XUL menu element).
menupopupDefines a menupopup (see XUL menupopup element).
menuitemDefines a menuitem (see XUL menuitem element).
messageDefines a message board.
messagesDefines a messages board.
progressmeterDefines a progressmeter (see XUL progressmeter element).
descriptionDefines a description (see XUL description element).
labelDefines a label (see XUL label element).
captionDefines a caption (see XUL caption element).
popupsetDefines a popupset (see XUL popupset element).
popupDefines a popup (see XUL popup element).
tabboxDefines a tabbox (see XUL tabbox element).
tabDefines a tab (see XUL tab element).
tabpanelsDefines a tabpanels (see XUL tabpanels element).
tabsDefines a tabs (see XUL tabs element).
tabpanelDefines a tabpanel (see XUL tabpanel element).
toolbarDefines a toolbar.
toolbarseparatorDefines a toolbar separator.
toolbarbuttonDefines a toolbarbutton.
toolboxDefines a toolbox.
treechildrenDefines a treechildren tag (see XUL treechildren element).
treerowDefines a tree row (see XUL treerow element).
treeitemDefines a tree item (see XUL treeitem element).
treecellDefines a tree cell (see XUL treecell element).
treecolDefines a tree column (see XUL treecol element).
treecolsDefines a treecols (see XUL treecolsl element).
treeDefines a tree (see XUL tree element)
tooltipDefines a tooltip (see XUL tooltip element).
wizardDefines a wizard (see XUL wizard element).
wizardpageDefines a wizard page (see XUL wizardpage element).

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