What's XUL ?

Look at Wikipedia site about XUL


What's Java Server Faces ?

Look at Wikipedia site about JSF

JSF is now a part of JEE.


What's AJAX ?

Look at Wikipedia site about AJAX


What's xulfaces ?

xulfaces is based on Java Server Faces,AJAX and XUL.

It gives you an opportunity to uses XUL and Java at the same time to build rich client UI with light deployment.


Is xulfaces supporting Facelets ?

xulfaces supports Facelets 1.0.14.

Check "Using facelets" for details.


Does it run on Internet Explorer ?


XUL is a Mozilla technology. It is not supported by Microsoft.


Which version of JSF are you using ?

xulfaces uses JSF 1.2 PFD. It's an incomplete implementation.

Glassfish provides an implementation of JSF 1.2, xulfaces will use it as soon as possible.